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solving challenges in software

Backend Development

KaiRo.at offers development and adaptations of individual backends in PHP or Python (e.g. REST APIs with Flask or FastAPI), as well as integration with interfaces of other services as required (e.g. with blockchain and Web3 services at Capacity, AI services at Newsrooms.AI or FreeFinance and Magento at Trade Post 47).

Linux Administration

We install, administrate and maintain Linux servers, including with Docker container setups for various services, monitoring, CI/CD setups, private GitLab installations or similar. As part of that, we look after "real" hardware as well as virtual machines at various providers. In addition, we're happy to take care of certificates and other proving services for websites within this scope.


We offer consulting on modern software release cycles (as used e.g. for Firefox), modern Web technologies (HTML5 etc.), usage of open source software as well as working with/in the community and project management in open source projects, open/transparent development processes, "data-driven development" and more.

Coordination / IT Projekt Management

Coordination of teams made up of people with different capabilities, project management in accord with data analysis, as well as early integration of user feedback in software development processes are additional strengths of KaiRo.at.


KaiRo.at is currently active with Mozilla Reps and Tech Speakers, and has been part of the Mozilla Open Source Community since 1999, among other things theme design, localization, analysis of crash data, quality and release management.
>> more at Mozillians

CBSM - Community-Based Site Management

The prime produkt of KaiRo.at allows creating and maintaining web presences simply, with full integration of community functionalities - like forums, news overviews, guest books, voting, photo galleries and more similar features.
>> more at CBSM.at
More Business On request, KaiRo.at can offer web design, PHP or Python development and Linux administration. Occasionally, even conventional software for special puposes was developed under our brand "KaiRo", as well as some browser add-ons and web apps, whiach are avaible on our download pages.
Personal You can find more on the person Robert Kaiser at "Home of KaiRo", including the blog "The roads I take..." available there.
If you have additional questions, contact me! You can also establish contact via LinkedIn.